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SEO has come a long ways and completely changed since the "Wild West" days of the 1990's and is continuously changing to keep up not only with search engines and directories but how and what people are using to find your business online. 360 CoMo is continuously adapting our practices based upon our commitment to staying on top of the right way to promote content on the web, so that it is seen by the search engines as well as prospective customers.  

We take time with every account every day, applying changes to each campaign as the market dictates, as the algorithms change and as the people searching for our client websites change. 
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SEO for a Mobile world

Optimizing for a Mobile World

2018 brings us into a mobile digital world.  With Google's Mobile First Indexing, the course is clear, build, develop and optimize for mobile users or lose online presence. Here are some things we do and things we don't do for our SEO clients.

Things We Do...

Make sure that the website is technically optimized to be indexed and ranked by search engines, and is Mobile Ready. Google is rolling out its Mobile First Index right now and we keep clients ahead of the changes and in front of the opportunities.
Provide content compatible backlinks and social citations, and providing extensive analytics of traffic, rankings, and technicals for not only the clients' assets, we keep an eye on competitors as well.
Optimize Google My Business and Map Listings as well as maintain consistent Name, Address and Phone numbers across the plethora of local directories available on the web.
Promote a healthy reputation of our assets through reviews and social interactions, gaining new likes, reviews, and interactions that are tracked by search engines.

Things we stay away from...

Blackhat SEO and trying to game the search engines. Google has teams of people to stay on top of these tactics and being penalized is not worth the risk.
Spamming backlinks from low-quality, irrelevant sites and directories. 
No smoke and mirror campaigns where the client doesn't see what is happening and has to rely on trust that any work or only reputable work is being done. We offer 24/7 reporting on the performance of our work with a login for you to see reports anytime.
No empty promises. Every online market niche is different and is different in every location. We are upfront about our confidence to gain market coverage, and we are also upfront about things out of our control, competitor campaigns, algorithm changes, and everything else that affects our clients' online presence.

Every campaign is as different as it is the same.

In order to assess your market niche, we sit down with our clients, go over what online presence is in place, its quality, its compliance with best practices, and determine what path to take together. Our standard SEO packages start at $250/mo and cover reporting, analytics, technical audits, competitor tracking and analysis, backlinks, social citations flow, local directory listings and brand consistency. Make an appointment to see what we can do together, it's a free consultation and you will be happy you did!
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SEO Workflow for Small Business

SEO done correctly is a many faceted approach toward raising a web page's search engine ranking and in so doing bringing in more traffic, phone calls, lead generation, phone calls and sales in small business.


Ideal Customer Identification

At the beginning of every campaign, we identify the ideal customer that we are going to focus on attracting in the SEO project.
In order to do this, we must immerse in the data we already have about past sales, targeted sales, product information, where and by whom the project is used, what is the customer demographic, etc. as well as research potential customers in other interests that may be crossover customers that we want to reach.
1. Age Group - how old are the majority of your customers? This could be very narrow, ie 1-2 years or as broad as "any age".

2. Income level - CIL or Customer Income Level may be in the form of "less than x$/per year", "between x and y", etc. The idea is to build on characteristics of your ideal base of customers or those you wish to target in the campaign. By reverse engineering these numbers we can assume much more about the ideal customer, for example, blue collar vs white collar, expendable income vs living on a budget, frequency of buying, times most likely to shop, or search, time to sale (are they spontaneous or research buyers?).
3. Hobbies and Interests - The more one knows about the ideal customer, the better suited for them to engage in your content will be. Whether it be outdoors types, gamers, students, parents, workaholics or motorcycle riders, all have specific and grouped content interests that if used properly will most likely have better immersion than generic or no theme content.

4. Challenges - What are the challenges your ideal customer faces in life, is it time off, work-related, spending more time with children, paying the bills, spending less time on yard work... does the product, information or service help address any of the ideal customer's challenges, if so utilize that information and bring it into the content parameters of the project.
5. Location - is the ideal customer local, area wide, state wide or global? Identifying this can help when determining accepted grammar, pronunciations in video content, location-specific image content and more in order to tailor content that speaks to their demographic culture. For example, marketing images of someone with a Red Sox hat in content targeted for customers in New York, may not be so great.

Google My Business Set Up

Google My Business is the driving force of a business listed in Google Local Search and Maps

Setting up, cleaning up, and optimizing the My Business info.

Google My Business to do list:

1. Claim the business or add it- Most often a verification process by mail is required when setting up a location, 360 CoMo is a Trusted Verifier and can do this for you immediately on site. This is a free service we offer to anyone depending on time available. Some listings can be phone verified as well.

2. NAP - Name, address, phone number. A consistent NAP accross all online listings is very important and starts with Google My Business. This should also match the information posted on the target website for best results. ( More about the importance of NAP later)

3. Business Hours - The times in which the business is able to receive customers and inquiries.

4. Description -  (Recently added) 250 or so words best describing the business.

5. Services - (Recently added) list the primary services offered, along with descriptions and pricing information.

6. Website -  No brainer, you want the people finding you in Local searches and maps to be able to click their way to your website in a snap.

7. Create Posts -  (Recently added) add an image or video and post of at least 100 words or so to your Google listing about products, events or interests that pertain to your company. These expire after seven days so stay current!

8. Images and Video -  Add images of the business, the team, as we as interior pictures and more. Video's can now be added as well. 360° Virtual Tours tie into street view and we can add them for you. Images with GPS information ingested in the meta file help validate your listing maps.

9. Business Category -  Pick the category that best describes the business as well as some secondary categories that are served.

Check back as we add more of our SEO workflow to this page!

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