Web Design for Columbia, MO Small Businesses

360 CoMo provides website design and hosting for small business clients in Mid Missouri. From simple one-page designs to in-depth informational websites, we have you covered. We pride ourselves in offering affordable web design that not only looks amazing, but brings in buyers and clients for your business.

Functional Web Design that Performs

There is much more to a website than what can be seen; if your back end isn't being seen by Google, then your clients can't find you on the internet! Why spend thousands on a site that can't be found? 

Appealing Design

When our clients want a website that looks amazing, we listen. Our websites are not built on themes and pre-made templates, we design every one according to the aesthetic goals of the client.


Our strong foundation of search engine and local optimizations in the back end of our sites ensure each web site is compliant with Google so that your customers can find you anywhere.


Ever see a website that has an effect, button or theme to it but you want it to be tighter, taller, smaller, or with borders on your site? We are experts and coding Wordpress to look any way we wish.


Want to be able to make changes to your website with updates, new content, landing pages after your site is built? We train every client to take over the administration of their site after the sale.


Our pricing starts at $3000 per web site and includes the first year of hosting. While some intricate sites may run a little more, we have been accused of being inexpensive.

We Design with WordPress

It is the most versatile, well-performing, can-do-anything-our-clients-need, and Google-loving platform. And that is important.

Site builders like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and others can offer a beautiful looking website in the right hands and even allow the beginner to shine. However, most have to be hosted by the site builder and monthly hosting fees can be much higher, things like SSL certificates can be costly. They're also restricted in integrating with other programs which can hinder workflow and make your business more complicated to run. They also are created with "easy to use" javascript, rendering them invisible by Google. 

By using WordPress on our own hosting servers, we have the ability to greatly reduce the cost of hosting and, if you ever leave us, your web site can be packaged up and moved with minimal effort giving our clients freedom well beyond the sale. We have everything you might need, but you don't have to use everything we offer.

WordPress rocks SEO (search engine optimization) with a broad range of abilities to keep up with search engine changes and choice of plugins that will keep you compliant, customers will always be able to find your site and your content.
WordPress is open source, that means there are a ton of plugins designed by the community that help us and you get what you want out of a website in the most efficient manner. While code almost always has to be tweaked and tinkered with, there is always a plugin for everything from highlighting your Facebook interactions and Google reviews to listing products for sale, adding users to CRM's, mailing lists, and much much more. Regular updates of these plugins also means your site is safe and secure from the latest threats, hacks, and viruses. 

Years ago, we built websites in html, using programs like Adobe Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and other html editors. When we saw what results the bloggers began to obtain both in functionality and search rankings with WordPress, we switched to the platform and have never looked back. We've dedicated ourselves to building beautiful, easy-to-use WordPress sites and teaching our clients how to be successful on their own terms. The day some other platform brings our client more leads, sales and customers we will welcome it, but right now, WordPress is the do-all, end game in web design.
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